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Mary is a person centred counsellor specialising in depression, anxiety, addiction and abuse. Whatever the issue is, Mary offers a confidential, professional service and space to talk. Having spent several years counselling at CARA and DACA, she was announced in the Queens New Years Honours List and was awarded a BEM in 2016 in recognition of her services to helping others.

Having experience in the Arts and an awareness of the problems that face those in the industry. Mary offers a free telephone or Skype counselling service for those struggling or facing difficulties.

Mary is the official counsellor for Industry Minds and is here to help you, whatever the problem may be. 


How can I book?


We run face2face sessions fortnightly in London over the course of 3 days, Wednesday -  Friday. You can book in by contact us directly. For paying clients we ask for payment upfront to confirm your session and we operate on a first come first served basis. As we require the full amount upfront, we know castings and the like may pop up as it tends to in the arts, so if you cancel within 48 hours, we return the full amount back to you. If 24 hours or under, we cannot offer the amount back unless another client takes the slot. 

For telephone counselling, simply directly email Mary. 

I would love to come to therapy, but I cannot afford it. Can I get financial help?

Industry Minds Charity fundraises throughout the year to be able to fund unemployed creatives therapy sessions. We know £25 is a huge expense for those out of work so if you are struggling, simply email us and let us know and we will be able to offer support.

Up until the end of 2019, we operated a free telephone service. This service is still free for those who cannot afford therapy and as of 2020 operates as a sliding scale payment system for those who feel they can.  

I've never been to therapy before, what should I expect? 

Mary will welcome you with a cuppa of your choice and invite you into our bright, friendly and safe counselling space. Mary is a people centred counsellor and will help you through anything you need. Therapy can be difficult but very beneficial and you will be very safe in the hands of Mary.

If you are anxious about your session, Mary can always call you prior to the session to help ease any nerves and have an introduction chat. 

We advise going to therapy when you feel it is right for you, therapy has best effects when you are willing and ready to talk. 

I am worried I will book a job away and will have to stop therapy.

This was the reason we introduced our telephone service, so clients can continue therapy wherever they are with the same counsellor. Skype is also available for those on cruise ships or who prefer visual sessions.

Can I come even if I am in therapy with another counsellor?

No,  Mary will not be able to see anyone who is already in therapy. Attending more than one therapist can be very confusing for the client.

I had a negative experience in therapy and I am scared to try again. Will it be different?

Many people who have had a negative experience prior to visiting Industry Minds, have continued their counselling journey in the hands of Mary. However, it is very important to find a counsellor or therapy that is right for you. We will always take the time to talk through any concerns you may have and offer support. 

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